Things To Do In Copenhagen – Travel Recap

Alright, alright, alright. You can’t just sit back and not expect an epic 2 post long recap of my travels in Europe, right?

Your ready? Okay, good.

This trip was fairly spur of the moment. Like a month out. I initially was headed to France and Israel but life’s funny and sometimes things don’t go as planned. Alas, I still had the time off. And the travel voucher. So why not somewhere else?

While I’m keen on traveling solo, I heard through the grapevine that my friend Lauren was headed on a 10-day adventure to Copenhagen and Amsterdam. Curious about both cities, I told her I was going to tag along.

First off, Copenhagen is D-R-E-A-M-Y. It’s quiet and charming. A town full of old buildings dating back from the 1600’s, sidewalk cafes and bicycles – everywhere.

I became absolutely smitten about this spot, so wanted to share some of my favorites:


Hotel Danmark
You guys, this place is such a gem. It was recently renovated and now, the inside is modern and sleek – just what you’d expect in Copenhagen. The staff is ridiculously kind and helpful and even better? They serve (FREE) happy hour from 5-6 p.m. every day. Pro tip: Grab a glass of their house white and sit outside on the patio watching bicyclists’ whiz by.


We didn’t have reservations to this spot, but I’m really glad they made room for us. This restaurant was probably the best of the entire trip. A 3-course meal for around $40 US dollars. What’s cooler is that the 3 courses turned into around 5 or 6 because they surprised us with little dishes in between. SO good. And romantic.

Paper Island
Paper Island reminds me of SOMA StrEAT Food or Off The Grid in SF. The former paper factory is now the home of dozens of food vendors. From traditional Dutch food to

This gem is located in the hip neighborhood of “XYZ.” Luckily, the weather was pretty epic while we were there so we sat outside. I’d suggest snagging a glass of red wine and the pork belly sliders – yum. :)


War Pigs
Located right next to Gorilla, this bar reminded me of Zeitgeist in the Mission. Low key, not pretentious and even has BBQ if you’re keen. I opted for beer since their list is vast, but when I come back, I definitely want to snag some BBQ.

Duck & Cover
This place is sexy. And exactly what you’d imagine for Copenhagen in the evening.


Walk Around
SERIOUSLY – this place is gorgeous and is perfect for wandering. Don’t have a destination (or do), but I think this is the best way to explore, get your bearings on a new city, and stumble upon some hidden gems.

Everyone in Holland bikes. It’s pretty crazy. I think I heard somewhere that there are 2 or 3 bikes for every person. Whoa. Regardless, rent a bike but be careful. Road rage lives on – even in Copenhagen.

Go Boats
If you’re looking to explore via water – this is the best place to do it. Even better? You can bring drinks and food! Dining al fresco. Or rather, on fresco?

Copenhagen Design Museum
From my time at Pinterest, I’ve found out that Danish design is preeeeetty, preeeetty popular. So, why not go to the heart of it? We happened to stumble upon the museum during a craft fair AND it was free. So win/win and we got our Danish design fix.

Botanical Garden
It’s beautiful. Bigger than the Conservatory of Flowers and just absolutely amazing. Spend an hour exploring the greenhouse and then another hour or two picnicking outside on their lush lawns.