Weekend Snapshots

Happy Monday, y'all! Hope you had an epic weekend. Things are finally starting to feel somewhat normal around here. I'll be gone the next two weekends or so in Carmel Valley and in New York (and then in Amsterdam) so this was my one weekend to soak up the city.

Friday needed to be a little mellow, but can you consider attending a La La Land sing along mellow? Also, I never knew how big of a cult following that movie had. Sure, all the awards won, but damn...people knew every single word of that damn movie.

Sunday was spent consuming coffee and doing my all-time favorite yoga class (thanks Sal) at Yoga Tree. If you're looking for an epic weekend wind down, this Yin yoga class is for you. 

Some other highlights:

1. Shooting with both Julia and Hamee this weekend! Yay!
2. FINALLY checking out the delicious Mealmade – so, so good. And, I got a free class to Love Story Yoga from them! 
3. Stopping by St. Frank Saturday morning and checking out their space along with Senreve (their bags are so cute!)
4. Nomming hard at Tawla – everything on that menu is delicious. Pro tip: Go on a nice SF night and post up at the back patio
5. The Duboce Park Dogfest. If you know me, you know I lost my shit. Pugs. French Bulldogs. Other amazing dogs. The cuteness was almost too much to handle

Cheers, y'all!