Wellness Wednesday

Over the past 3 months, I've been on somewhat of a "wellness journey." I've always been pretty considerate on how I treat my body, but it's definitely been intensified as of late. I'd also say I'm a pretty damn curious person and love trying new things. That brings me into today's post! I'm sharing the things that have lately brought me happiness, perspective, and a lot of joy! 


I've talked about body positivity, exercise, and everything in between on this blog. I've been so obsessed with finding exercises or ways to keep me active that are juuuust a little different. Lately I've been obsessed with SoFit by Lillian. Her classes are filled with affirmations and great energy. If you get a chance to go, her SOfree class is epic and it's such a community! I'm also always loving Ritual, classes at Bay Club, and walking to work! 


Being a busy lady, I have often found myself depleted when it comes to Friday. I realized that this a) wasn't healthy and b) that something needed to be done about it. While I'm not "religious," I am definitely spiritual. Obviously the spectrum ranges, but I do believe in the power of positive thinking, good vibes/energy, and mindfulness. I recently took a reiki class and was amazed at how electric the practice can be. If you don't know much about it, take a gandy. Some people may be skeptical and that's totally okay – it's not for everyone. But I love how energized, calm, and grounded I feel after. Most recently, I've been really into learning more about other non-traditional practices such as Chi Nei Tsang and the use of crystals and stones to help balance the body. 


I'm all for affirmations – in fact, it's my highest rated Love Language. So, that being said, the idea of daily affirmations for me has helped so much in my day to day. Whether it's writing it out on a piece of paper or repeating it in my mind, I love how powerful and actionable these are – and it's free! And feels so good! Some of my favorites:

I am the architect of my life; I build its foundation and choose its contents.

I am worthy and I am loved. 

And my all-time favorite affirmation/quote:

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined." 

So, that was a lot huh!? What do you guys do to reset, unwind and find peace? How do you create your own unique rituals? I'd love to hear!


Photography via Lisha Wang, Julia O Test & crystal photo via Hello Glow