Mix & Match

I've never really been a traditional "girly-girl." I don't know why, but ever since I was a kid, I've opted for jeans rather than skirts. Maybe it's the Midwest in me. 

But lately, I've been trying to find ways to incorporate more feminine pieces into my somewhat masculine and modern wardrobe. When I found these slim fit boyfriend jeans I knew they were an immediate winner, yet wanted to juxtapose the distressed with something that added a bit of romance. Lucky for me, Uniqlo is all about mixing and matching this season so I paired the jeans with this elegant and simple camisole. 

And because I'm all about utility, I wanted to rock this outfit to the office. I decided to layer it with Uniqlo's draped blazer to give it a bit more of a professional vibe and because it's been cold AF in San Francisco. I love the easy, breezy material and am seriously counting the ways I can wear this blazer. At work with some slacks, during the weekend with tennis shoes, or during a Friday night out with heels and a skirt. Also, obsessing over this Klasse 14 watch. It's beautiful and so perfect with everything! 

To be honest, being a twenty-something can get tricky if you want to maintain a badass wardrobe on a budget, but luckily Uniqlo never compromises style and is always at an equally as badass price point. Check out more of Uniqlo's denim line and their comfortable, breezy pieces from their 2017 Spring collection!

Photography via Julia O Test