February Favorites

I know we're only 3/4 the way done with February, but it's a pretty badass month in my opinion. That being said, I want to savor all of its 28 days and thought it'd be pretty perfect sharing some of my February favorites via my Instagram.

Photoshootin': Pushing the boundaries in terms of photoshoots with Lisha & Julia have been AWESOME. I've been exploring so many new places (like Flora Grubb or Glen Park!) and can't wait to bring the momentum and excitement into March.

Lady Dates & Girl Power:  I've been meeting so many fantastic and amazing creative women in the Bay lately – it's so damn exciting and refreshing. Earlier in the month I had the fun opportunity to hang with A Side of Sweet and some other gal pals for a Galentine's Day brunch with Anthropologie. So fun! 

Being a SF Tourist: I never tire of catching golden hours in this city – especially at Sutro Baths. 

Getting out of SF: I've been to Tahoe, Carmel Valley and Big Sur this month and it's been nothing short of magical. California has such crazy beauty and I can't wait to explore it more.

Gettin' fit: I've been so excited to try so many different types of exercises and further my yoga practice! I've been loving Bay Club for cardio and strength training, Ritual for yoga, SOfit for HIIT, and Flywheel for Spin!

Eeeeeats: I have a hearty appetite so I'm constantly on a search for delicious noms. I've been loving Cafe Reveille's avocado toast and Cameron Hughes wine + truffles from Christopher Elbow!