Time is our most valuable asset. And when it comes to style, I've gravitated toward classic and modern pieces that take me little to no time to throw on in the morning. But, even a simple outfit needs a bit of pizzaz every now and then, yeah? 

I don't know about y'all, but I used to be an accessories freak. From earrings that would weigh my ears down to arm parties galore, my MO used to be "more is more is more." As I get older, I realize that fads come and go, but investing in solid pieces go the distance – and survive well, the test of time. Literally.

One of the ways I love to accessorize is by donning a classic watch. A watch eye-catching, adds a bit of arm flare and above all is uber practical. 

I love Malleo watches for just that – their simplicity and affordable luxury. For real. Malleo is a brand infused with the traditions of the founder’s native Denmark, from the landscapes and adventures of traditional folktales to the precepts of modern Scandinavian design.

The result is a watch that elevates your look and is always just right for the moment, no matter where your adventures take you. 

I love this style (and it was personally customized just for me!) and the way the straps can be swapped depending on outfit. And when I need a little glam in my life, the rose gold fulfills that. :) 

Looking for a gift for the girl gang in your life or hell, even a little treat for yourself? Consider a Malleo watch that's timeless! 

Photography via Julia O Test