Taking a break from all of the Thanksgiving feasts, I'm currently in Vancouver with one of my best friends Courtney! She moved up here a year and some change ago, and to be honest, I'ved missed her like crazy. 

But, this isn't a post just about missing one person. Instead, it's a post about being thankful for phenomenal friends who honestly have unwavering support no matter their address or location. 

A little backstory: These photos are from a photoshoot done back in May/June (?) for our debut in Ohio Women's magazine (our alma mater's women magazine). You can check that article out here

Currently, I'ved lived in San Francisco for around 6 years (and some change). And I didn't do it alone. Thank god. Fresh out of graduation in 2011, my first move out of college was to SF without really knowing the city or anyone else. But to be honest, it didn't really feel that way. Andi (who had been here a few months prior) welcomed me into her apartment, offering an open room to live in! Even better? Our fellow OU bestie Courtney was making the same trip and moved in 15 minutes away. 

It was a weird time trying to gain footing in a new city. From figuring out the MUNI (woof) to surviving a pretty brutal work situation, things felt awkward and uncomfortable. I found solace in  friends who listened and laughed. 

Fast forward to today and I'm so grateful to have added a few more Ohio lurdies along the way. Ali moved shortly after graduation, Sarah during my first 6 months here being set up by another fellow OU alum, and Melanie who moved here a year ago! 

I've honestly never felt more thankful and grateful for these people. And while we all have different things going on, relationships to foster, work to do, we still make a point to make time for each other. 

Today shouldn't be the only day to hold your friends and family tight, but it's a good reminder to reflect on it. Hope y'all have a great Thanksgiving! 

Photography via Erin Brethauer