Ay Bay Bay

It's no surprise I enjoy working out. After living in the Bay Area for five years or so, one naturally just picks up a pretty active lifestyle. Rather than opting for the bus or Lyft, I usually walk to work (this is around an hour) and would rather do a workout followed by happy hour than just a happy hour. Because depriving yourself of a cocktail or glass of wine is just cruel in my honest opinion.

That being said, I've kind of changed my entire attitude towards exercise in the last year. Sure, I exercised but didn't have a good rhythm to things nor did I take my body changing as I get older seriously. Well, it was time to wake the F up and realize that what I put INSIDE my body is just as important as how I treat it externally. 

When Bay Club approached me to be one of their ambassadors, I leapt at the chance! Their facilities are definitely a staple in San Francisco and pretty legendary. 

I'm super in love with the facility and to be honest, it's kind of like a playground. THE LOCKER ROOM IS HUGE, GUYS. They have a POOL! And so many corners of the place filled with gym equipment, yoga studios, weights, saunas, A CAFE (WHAT?!), and everything in between. Oh, and Squash courts. Don't know what Squash is? I didn't either until I checked this out

I love going to the gym early, so early on Saturday my fellow B Andi and I headed to the Bay Club to start our weekend on a high note. I'm usually an elliptical kind of girl, so I go on those to warm up my muscles for 30 minutes. Afterwards, I try to do some weights and strength training. I'm desperately looking for workout routines and need some major help.

Any advice for circuit training that works for y'all!?