Wine Not

Hi Everyone!

Happy Thursday! So, San Francisco and the surrounding areas have a lot of amazing things. You know, the Golden Gate Bridge, Lake Tahoe, and of course – wine country [insert wine glass emoji here] 

I took advantage the first weekend I moved to SF with my best friends and 5 years later, I'm still going at least once every other month. Having a few visits under my belt, I've realized a few things about my palette. While I won't ever knock a glass of Sutter Home, I'm more fond of dry wine in the red variety. 

Knowing this, I went into Durant & Booth super excited to try their reds and experience their beautiful tasting room! Located in Oakville, CA Durant & Booth is nestled right next to Oakville Grocery – the oldest grocery store in the are and is downright charming AF. 

From the photos above you can imagine the freak out the occurred upon stepping foot. It's beautiful. Rustic but totally modern and filled with a mixture of quaint knickknacks. First up, the wine is delicious and I think I found my soul in a bottle of their Malbec. 

And, if that wasn't good enough, the wine labeling is by far the best I've ever seen. I mean, c'mon. Art that you can drink. Finally. :) 

So next time you're out in wine country, make a pit-stop to this Oakville gem. Your tastebuds and your Instagram feed will thank you.