With all the absolute craziness lately, I've been trying to reflect – a bit more than usual. Women get shit on a lot and if there was any doubt a glass ceiling still exists, last Tuesday proved it. 

That being said, I refuse to be bitter. Instead, I'd rather rise up with my fellow girl bosses and fight for our f'ing rights and most importantly, be supportive of one another.

It's SO important to be supportive, guys. Not be competitive (what's the point) or compare ourselves to one another. Now is our chance to band together and really make a difference.

I recently read an awesome post about blogger politics from Sarah over at Sassy Red Lipstick about "being kind and grinding hard." Basically, it's a great reminder to celebrate in each other's successes rather than be jealous or mean! 

I had the opportunity to hang out with some amazing women (above) a few weeks ago and damn, it was needed. Whether they are your friends, family, fellow bloggers-in-crime or anything in between, I encourage you to have a good hang with some fellow lady badasses – it'll do the heart good. 

Cheers, y'all!

Photos via Quianna Marie