Weekend Snapshots

Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday! Hope your weekend was fab. You know those weekends where you have things "planned" but there's an emphasis on the " "? Well, it was that kind of weekend for me and I honestly couldn't have been more happy. Come to think of it, I don't remember the last time I didn't have to be somewhere or didn't plan one thing after the other.

That being said, just because I didn't have plans didn't mean I sat inside all day (don't hate that option either, tbh). Saturday was spent sleeping in, making breakfast and lounging – the whole lounge part I'm still getting down but as always, a work in progress.

In the late morning, Ittai and I headed to the Flower Mart to pick up some fall foliage and if y'all haven't been to the Flower Mart in SOMA, well, get your ass there ASAP. For some background, it's a wholesale flower market that houses some of the most amazing flowers and plants in the city. Also, fun fact: the SF Flower Mart is 1 of 5 wholesale flower markets in the US.

We picked up some succulents to give our apartment a little life and ended up bringing home a big ol' houseplant that requires little care and indirect sunlight. Since I'm irresponsible when it comes to keeping things alive (plants), I had to oblige. 

Made a pit stop to Fairfax, CA for a little hike and then grabbed beer at Gestalt Haus. I'd recommend doing a major hike with a $6 pint (steal in my book) and one of their famous sausages. 

Sunday, Andi and I headed to Walnut Creek to celebrate being oh-so basic with a SoulCycle class (thanks Jo & Meg for hosting!) and ended with cheese and beer. Pretty perfect.

Earlier in the week,  I was invited to check out Tuft & Needle's showroom (a block away from my office!) and it was outstanding. They transformed their lawn into an outdoor oasis full of delicious cocktails, bites (presented on their pillows!), a photo booth and cozy places to sit. If you haven't checked out their mattresses and pillows, do it now!  

P.S. If you're in the Bay Area on Thursday, I'll be hosting an event with DSW to gear up for fall! That's right – it's time to live a little. You know, try a trend you've been a little afraid to go for – Over the Knee, Western, Sporty! And if you come, you can get 500 bonus points for trying on shoes in-store on Oct. 27! Even better? For every pair you try on you can get a raffle ticket to win gift cards! Sweetest deal ever, eh?