Weekend Snapshots

Hi Everyone!

Happy Tuesday! I've been battling a pretty gnarly cold over the last few days, but this weekend was one for the books. I spent the weekend in Vancouver with some of my all-time favorite people and since it was my first time in the city, I was so excited to explore and actually experience a city I've heard so much about!

My best friend Courtney moved there in January so having her as a tour guide was perfect. She lives in a adorable house with her boyfriend Dave right off Main Street (one of the busiest streets in Van). 

Even though it was only a few days, we covered a lot of ground. If you head on to Van, here are a few things that I loved (and hopefully you do, too). 

Brassneck Brewery – An awesome brewery right on Main Street that has delicious flights at even better prices. If you're looking to switch things up, the Hibiscus Wit is fruity and refreshing and if you're looking to keep things casual, the Bassneck is a smooth Pale Ale that can't be beat.

Lynn Canyon Park – Even though it was super rainy, we trekked to Lynn Canyon Park on Saturday and it was breathtaking. Everything you hear about Vancouver's beauty is true – even in the pouring rain. The trails are manageable and the suspension bridge is both terrifying and hilariously fun at the same time.  

Tacofino – We had dinner our last night at this hipster taco joint in Gas Town. Some highlights? The fish tacos and flavored margaritas (yes, I had several) were insanely nomworthy and the ideal way to end the weekend. 

Stanley Park – Sunday before the flight we braved the rain (again) and walked in Vancouver's version of Golden Gate Park. It's surrounded by water (for the most part) and it's seriously beautiful. There are so many trails in the park and is perfect for people watching. Yes, Vancouver is equally as active as San Francisco and yes, it makes you feel equally as guilty. :)