Work It

Hi Everyone!

Happy Wednesday! Hope you're having a rad week. Being 27, it's about time I ditched the ratty college t-shirts that are hanging on by a thread (for real) and invest in some workout gear that helps me move n' groove in any situation.

But, what I found out is that each exercise usually requires some different gear. Sure, workout leggings are pretty universal, but what about everything else? 


For yoga, it's all about movement and flexibility – something I lack. :) But, that being said – you gotta wear clothing that moves with you rather than against. While I love a solid pair of classic black leggings, Athleta has a TON of amazing pairs in fun patters and vibrant colors. I also am a fan of hot yoga so wearing a form-fitting sweat-wicking tank is key. Throw on a pair of Birks and you're ready to take that zen anywhere. 


It's no surprise I love cycling. One of my favorite studios (especially near my 'hood) is Uforia. Their bikes are awesome and their instructors are super supportive, talented, and have killer taste in music. When i'm prepping for a cycling class, I make sure to bring TONS of water and since it's a movement based class – I like to wear a little more of a loose tank. Also, it usually makes me feel more like a badass. I recently picked up a Uforia racerback tank and have not stopped wearing it – so comfortable and catchy. I mean, did you look at the front!?


I love running, HIIT, and everything in between because truthfully, that stuff kicks my ass. When it comes to these high-intensity workouts, first things first: you need to snag yourself a solid pair of shoes. I love Nike's and have even been known to run a half-marathon in Flyknits (oops!), but I'd say support is your number one concern. I think these Nike Free's are pretty rad AND have a ton of support. 


Photos via Lisha Wang & Tory Putnam