Party On

_MG_0168_MG_0178_MG_0199_MG_0231_MG_0232_MG_0107_MG_0122 Shirt: Crossroads Trading | Jeans: Madewell via Crossroads Trading | Shoes: Old Navy | Bandana: Unknown

Hi Everyone!

Happy Tuesday! It's no secret that I'm obsessed with Crossroads Trading. I love that you can buy, sell and trade clothing. And I love that it's so easy.

Anyway, a few years ago (loyal shopper here) I stumbled upon this top. There was no brand name and it was one-of-it's-kind. No duplicated. I felt strangely compelled to this top and had to try it on. It honestly just made me super happy, so I bought it.

Now, I've gotten some interesting remarks on this top. I even have had to fight my friends (not seriously) when it comes to closet clean outs. But the truth is, I can't part with this sucker. And maybe that's a good thing. I've seen so many similar patterns in the last few months (seen here and here) and smile to myself saying I found it for HALF the price and at Crossroads.

Hell yeah.

Photography via Kai Sotto