Find Your Ritual

IMG_146313227014_10153762042777872_2700716500177862050_n 2IMG_1687IMG_7018 Hi Everyone!

Happy Wednesday – how y'all feeling out there? I've talked pretty candidly about life and the stressors that come with it. From commuting to work and morning meetings to carving out the time to see friends and family – life can be pretty fast. Either you get swallowed up or fight like hell.

Luckily, I'm pretty stubborn and try to hold my own when life attempts to grab me by its sticky paws. My saving grace when I feel overwhelmed and consumed is by working out.

I've never been athletic. I actually quit almost every sport I played as a kid. I was awkward (still am 100%), pretty clumsy, and have no balance (body wise). This continued into my twenties. So, when I moved to San Francisco I was bombarded by workout options. I started to find myself confused on whether I should be doing HIIT, yoga, pilates or run.

I tried all of them and thought each individual workout brought something different. Besides yoga. And this killed me because I wanted to get my zen on so, so badly. As hard as I tried, I couldn't relax, I wasn't flexible, and I left more frustrated than I started.

This is until recently. Last year I had the opportunity to check out a class at Ritual Hot Yoga when it was located in Jackson Square. When I started at Pinterest, Ritual moved a block away. I think it was fate.

Soon after they opened the 6th street location, I've been hooked. Sometimes I even go twice a day (eeek!). Last Saturday I had the opportunity to go with a few fellow bloggers and share my obsession.

If you haven't gone to Ritual, I promise you – you will feel 20,000 times better after going. The music is upbeat (think Disclosure and Flume), the studio is heated (not Bikrim, but heated), and the instructors find time to pay attention to everyone in the room – I'm not kidding. It's impressive.

By far one of the best yoga classes (and workouts!) I've experienced in San Francisco. So, if you're down to take a class  take a look at Ritual's schedule and let me know! I'll take you up on that offer and then some!