Apartment Therapy

So, like I mentioned...I'm moving into a new apartment with my boyfriend Ittai. This is a fairly big deal since a) I've never lived with a significant other before and b) I've lived in my same apartment in SF for 5 years. Woo! Well, I'm ready to embrace the change but before I do, I have to get prepped. This means a lot of planning. Luckily, where I work also happens to be the place helping us find inspiration on how to decorate. That's right – Pinterest. HALLWAY

6079d94934a25d4425f738ab413ad994 2 (photo via Tessa Neustadt)

It's no secret that I have a lot of hats. Where to put them? A different story. I love how these hats are displayed (without getting crushed!) in this hallway with a beautiful bench and artwork scattered to give it a lived-in feel.


73489f5f9338b912781ddee41ec2051f.jpg (photo via Harpers Bazaar)

A mix of modern and bohemian? What could be better? I love the play of shapes, colors, textures and patterns in this living room! We just found a beautiful gray couch that I can't wait to play up with vibrant accent pillows and a unique Persian rug.


3641372756a7f149c6d97f96c29fab3b (photo via Design Sponge)

Making the most out of a small space is a challenge – but it's not impossible! I love how streamlined this desk is and how harmoniously the chair, rug and desk accents fit with each other.



While our bathroom may not be this cute, it definitely can be spruced up with a few small touches. Throw a colorful bathmat and some greenery to give the space some life. Bonus points for nice smelling hand soap – I smell (hah!) a Bath & Body Works trip coming up!


101e7ae3eecddc6795a42a1f9c7d1e93.jpg (photos via My Unfinished Home)

Since our apartment is a little light on storage, we need to take advantage of what we have (and what we can get). Luckily, IKEA offers some rad bed options with tons of storage so you can hide away your socks and undies without having to take up way too much room.

Our move-in date is June 1st so if y'all have any other helpful pieces of advice, inspiration, etc – send 'em my way!