Weekend Snapshots

IMG_6181IMG_6182IMG_6183IMG_6184IMG_6185IMG_6186IMG_6187IMG_6188IMG_6189IMG_6190IMG_6191IMG_6192IMG_6193IMG_6194IMG_6195 Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday! Hope you had an amazing weekend. While it was raining in San Francisco for most of weekend, I had a blast spending time with amazing and supportive friends in a city I love.

From celebrating a birthday at Southern Pacific to cooking a big brunch for friends, this weekend had no shortage of good food and solid people. Earlier this week I had the opportunity to celebrate LUNA Bar and the launch of their newest bar – with only 5 grams of sugar per bar! So good. The event took place at Workshop SF (my favorite place!) and during the event, we had the chance to screen print our own tank tops and make handcrafted cocktails. Love brands like LUNA who support and encourage women to be badasses.

Hope y'all had a good one!