Java The Hut

DS I don't know about y'all, but I love coffee. I first was introduced to coffee by my mother who drank several cups a day. I quickly followed suit and now enjoy the hell out of it.

I'm not so much of a Mocha or Frapp kind of girl, but give me a cold brew or an almond milk latte, and I'm a happy lady. That being said, San Francisco is a killer place to get a cup (or twelve) of coffee.

Some favorites that you just have to check out:

Vive La Tarte: I stopped by this cute coffee shop for the first time this week! It's so rad on the inside. Clean and modern with killer pastries and even deadlier coffee – if you like strong coffee, this is your joint. The people who worked there were so nice to Shikha and I and even came around to refill our cups. Talk about service!

Artis Coffee: With several locations in the Bay Area, Artis has quickly become one of my favorite coffee shops. They have a beautiful location in Hayes Valley that is warm and oh-so inviting. They offer amazing coffee from around the world and sell fresh beans made to order. Nom.

St. Frank Coffee (above): One of my favorite spots in Russian Hill. This place is bright, airy and modern. Just the way I like it. Their granola is super delicious and their lattes are on point.

2oth Century Cafe (above): This cozy shop in Hayes Valley is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy a Saturday morning. The menu is as diverse as 20th Century Cafe's story – with house-made bagels (the best I've had in SF) and Russian honey cake (yesss!).

The Mill (above): A staple in NoPA, this coffee shop is the place to see and be seen. Well, maybe not but everyone who works (and goes there) just looks so damn cool. Doesn't hurt that their toast is Josey Baker and if you're extra lucky, you'll be able to see a pack of dogs right outside lustfully waiting for people to drop said toast.