Lights Out

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Hi Everyone!

So, I have to admit something to y'all. I'm a closet Pinterest fanatic when it comes to apartment makeovers. I loooove going on Pinterest and searching "Best Bedroom Makeovers" or "How To DeClutter Your Space." Call it a guilty pleasure, sure.

My bedroom windows face a pretty shaded street that doesn't let much light in. Often times I revert to channeling my inner vampire and lighting a ton of candles. That being said, I recently found out about an amazing company that's changing the way people use and view lighting.

You may have seen me post about this company a few weeks ago, but when LIFX asked me to not only "model" but share my experiences using their Wi-Fi enabled LED smart bulb with no hub, well I was all for it. Yes, this means I can control the lights via my iPhone. Magic.

So, not only did I "model" for them but I've actually experienced the lighting firsthand. Seriously, it's changed the way I wake up, the way I go to sleep, and the way I experience lighting altogether.

Previously, I woke up to harsh yellow light – not the best way to start your morning. Now, I can turn on my light with my phone and experience a calming shade that makes it easy to wake up! And really, easy to do anything. I feel kind of like a high-tech badass when I can turn on my lights by one click of the app. It also freaks out my roommates which I love.

And if you didn't know, dimming lights and reducing the amount of blue light (yes, your phone) you are exposed to at night can help the production of melatonin which helps us sleep.

And you guys, I love sleep.

Interested in changing the way you view light? Check 'em out. I promise, your REM cycle will thank you.