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Hat: Cary Lane | Jacket: Gap via Crossroads Trading | Dress: JC Penny (similar here) | Shoes: Kohl's

Hi Everyone!

I'll let you in on a little secret – I love clothing. And my friends can attest to this. My closet is literally bursting open. Really, I can't even close my closet. It's an issue.


Why do I so much clothing? Often times it's because I have an emotional connection to the clothing. Fun stories where I picked it up, events that happened in my life that I had a really awesome time. This hat is 100% one of them.

I was leaving for the holidays last year and stopped by Cary Lane to "check it out." I found this hat and fell completely head-over-heels with this topper and couldn't think about a lot else. Cary Lane also had a killer deal going on so I indulged. Obviously.

What's an item of clothing that has a special place in your heart?



Photography via Tory Putnam