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Hi Everyone!

Happy Wednesday! A lot of exciting things happening on the life front lately. One of those exciting life things? My best friend Andi getting married NEXT weekend!

A little backstory, shall we? Andi is the person who inspired me to start a blog. We met the very first day of college at the local Kinko's waiting to pick up our Economics 101 (welp!) book. Ever since that small exchange, we've been besties ever since. From interning to New York and sharing a tiny apartment in Greenpoint to the many adventures shared in San Francisco, she's been someone who I admire, respect, and love!

So, when Courtney, Rob, Ali, and I had the opportunity to throw her a bridal shower...well, we were stoked. We wanted to throw her something special. Without a doubt, we wanted the location to be Ampersand. If y'all haven't seen Ampersand on Instagram, check it out now. It's beautiful.

With that locked in, we brainstormed on noms for the shower. Cheese? A must. Trail Mix from her Mom in Ohio? Without a doubt. Drinks? Probably one of the most important.

We wanted beer, champagne, some liquor, and wine. Now, I don't know about you guys, but i'm trying to "cultivate" my wine taste. That's where Cultivar came in. We had a mix of reds, whites, and rose at the shower to make everyone happy. In fact, we polished off each bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, and Rose!

Each bottle had its distinguishable and distinctive characteristics that appealed to everyone. My favorite? The Rose. The mixture of strawberries and cranberries had me from first sip. And that bottle! <3

The entire evening was beautiful and i'm so, so excited to share Andi and Eric's special day next weekend. If you haven't checked out Ampersand or Cultivar Wine, I highly suggest you do! Both beautiful and delicious!



Photography via Tory Putnam