Weekend Snapshots Pt. 1

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Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday! Hope you had a lovely, lovely weekend. If you couldn't tell from my Instagram photos, I spent the weekend in Yosemite. A last minute opportunity was presented and well, I couldn't say no. There will DEFINITELY be a lot more nature porn coming to you tomorrow, but for today I wanted to share some awesome things that happened during the week (and a taste of Yosemite).

Tuesday I was able to snag tickets to the Giants game thanks to my lovely friend Cait! And even though the Giants didn't win, it was great to hang at AT&T Park, drink a beer, and pretend to know what the hell was going on. #Sports!

Wednesday I stopped by the beautiful Modern Citizen showroom and ogled over all the beautiful pieces of clothing and sipped some majorly tasty Kampala Wine. Seriously, I will have that DAMN trench vest some day.

And then Friday headed to Yosemite with a few pals who just radiate positivity and good energy. Thank you Issac, Amy, Ashley, and Daina for a brilliant time! <3

I'm feelin' very refreshed and ready to tackle this week. Oh yeah! And i'll be headed to Ohio (first time in 9 months!) for my cousin and ANDI's wedding. A lot of excitement coming up.