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Dress: Pink Blush | Jacket: H&M (perfect in black) | Boots: Zara (love these!) | Glasses: Warby Parker

Hi all,

I'm so excited to share some photos from a few weeks ago – and perhaps my most favorite shoot to date.

I always have an amazing time with Tory (my friend and photographer-in-crime) and this day was no different. She was fresh from a trip from Photo Field Trip and told me she learned a lot of fun techniques that she wanted to give a go. Definitely didn't disappoint.

Luckily, i've been feelin' all sorts of groovy and wanted to get out and move. Often times when I dance (awkwardly, might I add) I go for a flowy look. Baggy shirts, faux-leather skirts, and heels. A boyish femininity, if you will. But, after coveting Kate Hudson's look from Almost Famous, I wanted to try my hand at it, too.

The result was this beautiful dress from Pink Blush that made me feel like a million dollars. Perfect for a warm San Francisco day or to rock at a festival. Shit, maybe both?

What do y'all think?




Photos via Tory Putnam