Thankful Thursday

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 4.48.59 PM Hi Everyone!

I'm staying home today because of the crazy rain San Francisco is having. So, with some extra time on my hands, I thought i'd share a few things i'm thankful for this week (and always!).

  • Grabbing a coffee on my way to work and enjoy the 45 minutes of quiet
  • Upcoming cocktail party at my house!
  • Seeing The Moth, an amazing storytelling event that highlights every day stories
  • Celebrating SantaCon this weekend and remembering the silliness of last year's RunOrDye!
  • Taking a Banghra class with Chanda at Lululemon this Saturday (can't wait!)
  • Early morning coffee dates with Shikha and Natalie
  • Spontaneous dinners with girlfriends full of cheese and breads
  • Exploring new 'hoods and venturing to one of my favorite SF bars – Plough and Stars
  • Being completely and fully vulnerable
  • Getting excited about a new project at work!
  • Having co-workers who are so damn cool it's insane
  • Finally getting the chance to spend a week night at home writing holiday cards!