Dressed Up

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Dress: BB Dakota via Crossroads Trading | Jacket: Gap via Crossroads Trading | Shoes: Zara (love these) | Necklace: CURIIOS

Hi all!

Since we're a week away from my favorite holiday, I thought i'd throw a few things out there. My roommates and I usually throw a Friendsgiving every year and often times I wonder on what I should wear. This takes up almost as much time as it does waiting in line at the Honeybaked Ham store only to find that I didn't have a reservation and ended up buying a $70 ham that feeds a small colony.

That being said, I love Thanksgiving. It's a time to be surrounded by friends, family, and loved ones. Truly one of my favorite things. I mean, everyone is grateful for something, right?

Anyway, back to the dress code. Since I have a fairly small apartment, friends find themselves gathering in the living room. This gets unusually warm, a bit sweaty and fairly goofy after several bottles of wine have been consumed.

I feel like pants are too casual for a Friendsgiving, so when I found this dress from Crossroads Trading -- I knew it was too good to be true. Legitimately, everything about this dress is ballin'. It looks expensive, great color, some poof, abstract and interesting, and it was so inexpensive. Crossroads, you know I love you but damn...I really love you.

What are y'all wearing for the holidays?




Photos via Tory Putnam