Thankful Thursday

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Hi Everyone!

There's been quite a bit of commotion happening in my life in the past few weeks, but it's all starting to settle! Huzzah!

To almost end the week, a little round up of things to be thankful for:

  • Chilly nights that remind me of fall in Ohio
  • Trying my first ever Soul Cycle class (loved it!)
  • Catching up with new friends over good food + drinks!
  • Lazy Saturday's that consist of best friends, pumpkin pie, and watching movies
  • Exploring Oakland with old co-workers and nomming super hard
  • Catching glimpses of those amazing San Francisco sunsets
  • Getting prepped for my apartment's 4th annual Friendsgiving
  • People who will drop things at a moment's notice for a hug
  • Ordering Thai food and staying in
  • Sunday afternoons spent working at Duboce Park Cafe
  • Exciting new projects!