Local Spotlight: Project Juice

IMG_1682 Hi Everyone!

Happy FRIDAY!!! It's been a busy week and with work deadlines and watching the San Francisco Giants win the World Series, well...let's just say I haven't been getting enough sleep, not enough water and haven't been eating the most healthy.

Luckily, I always know who to count on when I need a "reset." My body and my tastebuds are thrilled because as of this week, Project Juice has come out with several new products that are not only delicious,  but creative (I mean...have you seen those portable wellness shots?!)

Of the new products, i'm obsessing over the wellness shots. Ranging in a variety of flavors such as Liver Flush, E3 Energy, Tummy Tonic & Turmeric Tonic, these wellness shots are so easy to swig on the go and damn delicious. Since i've been feeling a little sick, the Flu Shot has me on the mend quickly!

Along with the wellness shots, Project Juice has introduced an Almond Cacao Protein Shake and Green Alkalizing Soup. The shake is perfect for breakfast after a hard workout and the soup makes for a great lunch (so filling!)

For a good reset, head over to one of their several SF locations and pick up one of their new products!