10726372_10204440536747417_726256483_n Hi Everyone!

It's been a busy one this week, but a reminder that life is good. And with that, a list to remind me on all the amazing things I have in my life.

  • Celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month with new friends
  • Seeing Andre 3000 randomly on the street
  • Old friends starting new adventures!
  • The San Francisco Giants in the World Series (!!!!)
  • Going to the grocery store with no agenda
  • The first glass of wine after a long day
  • Laughing like a goon (above!) and feeling so happy about it
  • Quiet weekends spent cleaning, sorting and organizing
  • An influx of Ohio visitors to the Bay Area
  • Snagging awesome Zara booties from Crossroads Trading
  • Finding my new favorite Greek restaurant in Hayes Valley!




Photography via Scott Wisner