Potrero Hill Livin'

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Jacket: Zara (love this version!) | Shirt: Anthropologie | Pants & Shoes: Target (obsessed with these pants)

Hi Everyone!

So, awhile back I hung out with my best gal pal Shikha and the most amazing Tory for a little photo and brunch excursion. Now, if y'all live in San Francisco, you've heard of Plow. If not, I highly suggest you stop what you're doing, put on some pants (well, for me definitely) and head straight to Potrero Hill for the best damn breakfast/lunch you will ever have.

Now, you may say, "Aimee...please. You San Franciscans take brunch way too seriously. Waiting an hour is ridiculous." And well, i'll tell you you're right. BUT, have you ever had lemon ricotta pancakes so freakin' fluffy it feels like you just took a bite out of a cloud!? If you don't believe me, see for yourself here.

After Plow, Tory, Shikha and I explored Potrero Hill and the killer scenery. I love exploring, especially by foot. It was a pretty perfect afternoon. There will be more photos to come in the next few weeks, but I loved the views so much I had to go back to catch that token San Francisco golden hour.

Annnnd, if you couldn't tell by the last picture, we definitely had a blast.




Photos via Tory Putnam