Beauty Routine

IMG_0196 Hi Everyone!

I've never really had a beauty routine growing up. Years have gone by and it's usually a miracle when I take off all of my makeup before bed let alone use moisturizers and creams!

It's a lot to handle, right? Almost overwhelming. Lately, i've found that I shouldn't be afraid to embrace creams, wipes and oils to protect my skin and ensure that it doesn't look terrifying as I age (gracefully, I hope).

Anyway, with that said I found some of my fave products with the YES TO Skincare line. The great thing about YESTO is that you can take a test to see what skin line best suits you!

I found that mine was YES TO Cucumbers, but I have a fondness for grapefruit so I snagged the facial scrub to wake me up in the morning. I've definitely seen a difference in the way my skin looks and feels, so I highly suggest you checking them out!