Store Spotlight: General Store

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This past weekend, I ventured to the Outer Sunset for a little brunch adventure at Outerlands. You guys know how serious I am about a good omelette, so i'll go just about anywhere to nom hard.

Anyway, there's usually a wait at Outerlands (it's that good, people) so luckily I stopped by Trouble for some coffee and then stopped by my new favorite -- General Store.

The sleepy neighborhood of the Outer Sunset is a perfect location for General Store. Founded by Serena Mitnik-Miller and Mason St. Peter, the store is filled with curated finds from the owners. From small pieces of local and handcrafted jewelry to cards, plants and's a place where you find the best treasures.

Best part? They have a little backyard to pass the brunch time wait and reflect on that big ass breakfast you're about to devour.

Definitely worth a trip to check out all the goods and their Instagram is damn perfect.