Flat Bill

Jacket: Bar III | Shirt: Gap | Jeans: Gap via Andi | Shoes: H&M | Scarf: Macy's DSC01001




Hi Everyone!

Happy Tuesday! As a lot of you know, i'm a frequent casual clothes wearer (say that 10 times fast, eh?). Just something about throwing on a good t-shirt that really gets me all excited. I mentioned loving Gap's basics, but damn. I really, really love Gap's t-shirts. And jeans. And well, almost everything.

This was a casual look a bit back, but it was perfect for one of those awkward San Francisco days where the sun and the wind are in a constant battle to see who will come out on top. Usually it's the latter, but that's what scarves are for.

Anyway, I totally dig this outfit and hope y'all do too!