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Hi Everyone!

Happy Thursday! Since it's good ol' Thankful Thursday in my book, I wanted to feature a blogger who i'm especially thankful for! Gina of Pregaming With Coffee and I met through our blogs online, but when we both realized we were fellow Ohio University alumni and Bobcats, well...we knew we hit gold!

Gina not only shares my obsession with caffeine, but she also loves fashion and documents her everyday looks on her blog! As her bio says, she is a real-life 23-year-old girl living, working and playing in Northeast Ohio. She's advocate of thin-crust pizza and a lover of music, cats and the great outdoors. Now, a girl who loves pizza, music AND is from NE Ohio. Well, that's someone I can get behind.

I caught up with Gina to ask her a few questions, so I hope you enjoy her blog as much as I do!

What initially sparked your interest in blogging? I'd been stalking blogs for roughly two years, but initially felt incapable of doing a blog of my own. I didn't have an artsy friend with a nice camera or a boyfriend close by to be my photo slave. And then one day I realized, "Hey, I can do this stuff myself!" I bought myself a $15 tripod at Walmart and the rest was history.What's your favorite piece in your closet (can be shoes, blouse, pants, etc!) My all-time favorites are my Steve Madden black booties. They go with anything and everything and instantly make me feel put together, no matter the occasion!

What would you say is the most challenging part of blogging? Most rewarding? The most challenging part of blogging is finding the time! Just taking and editing my photos is time consuming in itself. And there's a lot more to blogging than just simply posting – it's an entire community you have to actively engage in. I must admit, it can be a lot to juggle at times!

That being said, I'd say the most rewarding part of blogging has been the community aspect. I've met so many interesting, inspiring and stylish peeps from around the world who have given me countless ideas. And the best part is that each one of you is a real person, not some model wearing a $900 coat in a magazine.

Favorite thing to add to an otherwise "simple" outfit? A flashy piece of jewelry, whether it be a bauble necklace or some big-ass dangly earrings, is the perfect addition to any simple ensemble! I love how costume jewelry can truly pull an outfit together. I'm also a fan of wearing just one colored item against a monochromatic outfit.

What influences or inspires your style? I'm a huge music fan, so I often look to my favorite artists for inspiration. I love Lana del Rey's femme fatale style. I adore Lorde's nu-goth chicness. And I'm a fan of Solange Knowles' bold, colorful wardrobe. I can't just pick *one* style that's my favorite – I like a little bit of everything!

Favorite thing to do outside of work/blogging? Since I sit at a desk all day, I strive to be somewhat active in my free time. I did two half marathons last year, but I'm now more focused on balancing running with other exercise, such as yoga and weight lifting. I've recently become semi-obsessed with hoop dancing, (I know, I'm weird!) and I've come to find that it's a really fun way to unwind. And, it looks pretty effing cool.

I'm also a fan of cooking! There's something so satisfying about creating something yourself, let alone something that's edible. I've been trying to keep up with recipe posts on my blog, so be sure to check 'em out!

How has Ohio influenced your style? Ohio is plagued with bipolar weather. Last week, it was 80 degrees one day and then two days later we were hit with snow! While everyone here bitches about it, I kind of see it as both a curse and a blessing, because I get to mix up my wardrobe pretty frequently. I try to balance my closet with pieces that allow me to stay comfortable no matter what weird mood swings Mother Nature decides to unleash. Plus, boots are my passion, so it's cool to live in a place where it's acceptable to wear them year-round. :)

All images via Pregaming With Coffee