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Hi Everyone!

Happy Thursday! The majority of the time, I feel like bloggers write posts showcasing their amazing style, beauty, great writing, etc. Why wouldn't you, right? I mean...it's kind of why "we" (if I could say we?) have fashion/style/lifestyle blogs -- to showcase our day-to-day musings, fashions, etc.

But with the good, comes the bad and well, whether we like to admit it or not, ugly. I'll be honest. I'm no model. I am insanely awkward (my friends can vouch), don't really know my best "side" and I feel better laughing and smiling than looking super serious.

The good ol' Jennymay Villarete has captured some of my most quirky of moments that I want to share with y'all above. Some hilarious, some awkward and some just plain old weird.

It's always better to be transparent, right? :)