Weekend Snapshots

IMG_7380 Beautiful San Francisco!

Catching Aziz Ansari!

Obsessed with Evolution Fresh.

Dat sky though.

Green eggs and ham. Quite literally. Loving the new Nopa brewery - BarellHead!

Key lime dream.


Running = perfect time to look like a watermelon.



Hard Frenchin'

Weekend rituals.

Snapshot of a little photoshoot with Court coming up on the blog!


Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday! Hope y'all are feelin' fine. Had an amazing weekend - one for the books really. I couldn't get enough of the warm temperatures, so naturally I was outside the entire time.

Feelin' like this week's Weekend Snapshots has become a little love letter/tribute to the city of San Francisco. But, you know...I can't help it. When you look this good, San Francisco...how can you not be noticed?

Until tomorrow!