Local Spotlight: Orange Harp



Hi Everyone!

Happy Thursday! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. A few weeks back, I had the opportunity to meet two wonderful and talented women. In a place where creativity reigns supreme and is almost dominated by men, it's not only refreshing but inspiring to see women exceed and push the boundaries.

Two such ladies who fit the bill are Anbu Anbalagapandian and Kacie Gonzalez, founders of Orange Harp. Orange Harp's main mission is to empower consumers to connect with the brand’s mission, view their work, and get inspired. Through their mobile app, they offer a curated marketplace of handpicked, socially conscious brands such as Purakai, David Peck, Jessica Faulkner and Skunkfunk.

Being a fashion lover, I always envisioned clothing that is environmentally sound as being stiff, boring and ill fitting. When I checked out a few pieces in-person with the women of Orange Harp, I was delightfully surprised by the beauty. Some of my favorite pieces include Jessica Faulkner's Sabrina top that would pair insanely well with casual boyfriend jeans and a statement necklace and anything and everything from Love & Piece (namely the Petite Chalcedony Druzy Necklace). 

To get a sense of what and who you're checking out while you scroll through the app, Orange Harp seamlessly integrates video, images, and text so users discover the heart and soul behind each and every item and company. 

I'm definitely having shopping envy and saving some moolah so I can get my hands on that Petite Chalcedony necklace. It just needs to happen. You feel me? 

To get special access to Orange Harp, e-mail founders@orangeharp.com with subject "OHIO TRANSPLANT" to give you special access!! I mean, what are you waiting for, y'all?

Until tomorrow!



Beautiful Love and Piece gem.