Sutro Baths

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Hat: Unknown | Sweatshirt: H&M from the men's section | Pants: Levi 's via Crossroads Trading | Shoes: via Andi | Jacket: Bar IIINecklace: Cary Lane

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Hi Everyone!

Happy Tuesday! I hope you're having an amazing week so far! Over the weekend, I took a stroll from my neighborhood to Sutro Baths -- one of (I think) the most gorgeous places in San Francisco. Something so calm and peaceful about being on the edge of the city. As lame as it is, it makes you feel pretty small and gives you a hell of a lot of perspective. Can't hate that, right? 

On the wardrobe front, local tip: bundle up! It gets so cold -- layers, layers, layers! 

Until tomorrow!


Photos via Scott Wisner