Weekend Snapshots

A row to myself is the biggest luxury ever. The biggest nugget ever. I only talked/obsessed over him and no one else at this particular event.

One of the best things about Chicago -- the Dunkin Donuts.



A mid-day snack at Jeni's!

Takin' a clue from my friend Jordan on the half selfie.

But seriously, right?


Picked a pair of shoes in the process.


Goofin' off!

Drank up.

Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday! Hope you're having a great start to your week! I had an absolutely amazing 3 day weekend to Chicago celebrating my best friend Emily's 25th birthday! It was one for the books, y'all. I gotta say, it was so, so amazing seeing Sam, Emily & Heidi but San Francisco has turned me soft. Even with a massive jacket, I was freezing the entire time!

Anyway, we nommed hard at RPM, danced the night away at Mercer and I even managed to take a Pure Barre class in the process. I'm sore as hell. 3 days later. WELP.

Until tomorrow!