Polite As...

Beanie: H&M | Coat: ON | Jeans: Gap via Crossroads Trading | Shirt: Buy Me Brunch | Vest: F21 | Shoes: F21 DSC00735





Hi Everyone!

Happy Tuesday! Hope y'all are having a killer week so far! Okay, so I was really excited to share this post with you solely because this t-shirt is da' BOMB. I contemplated wearing this to work and then decided internally that may not be the most "work appropriate" outfit in the history of my company.

Anyway, I decided to wear it for brunch. Speaking of brunch, the company where I snagged this t-shirt is called Buy Me Brunch. As y'all know, brunch is probably one of my favorite things on this planet. Okay, top 5. Close second to mozzarella sticks and French Bulldogs. BUT, that's neither here nor there.

ANYWAY, I highly recommend checking them out. As for the rest of the outfit, you guys know the TOT drill: Boyfriend jeans, beanie and some awesome flats I picked up at Forever 21.

Until tomorrow!


Photos via Courtney Baldasare