Weekend Snapshots

A little Blue Bottle + Yogurt makes for a killer weekday morning. Puppy playtime at VaynerMedia.

Pretty killer card at Rare Device.

Saturday brunch with the gang.

Seein' Giraffage at The New Parish!


Writing notes, getting my life in order on a Sunday.

This nugget was too cute not to share.

Saturday drinks at Zeitgeist.

Sunday Puppy Bowl spread.

Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday! Hope y'all had a good weekend! This weekend was spent indulging in my new favorite workout (Cardio Barre!), celebrating the First Annual Mimosa Wars, The Puppy Bowl (GO GINGER!!) and drinks at Zeitgeist.

Also, San Francisco got a little bit of much needed rain! SO happy that it landed on a Sunday. The perfect day to stay in and get cozy. #AmIRight?

Until tomorrow!