Get To Know: Stylematic

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Oftentimes, I wake up in the morning scramble to get ready and find something to wear. It's usually a process and more often than not, I say "F it!" and grab a sweater, jeans and heels. While that's fine and dandy a lot of the times, I usually like to have my outfit figured out (for the most part) the night before. I usually run into my roommate Andi's room and ask her opinion, but for those occasions i'm solo, this gurl needs some help. That's where Stylematic comes in.


This SF based startup (can I get a localized HOLLA!) is helping fashion lovers with their styling needs -- from a night out with girlfriends to what to wear at a job interview. This community-oriented fashion app is a great way to not feel so helpless with all the choices out there and even better -- you get to know other lovahs of fashion.


I recently met up with Stylematic CEO Karen Song for a little Q&A telling me all about the app and some of her favorite trends.

TOT: What inspired you to create Stylematic?
KS: I am inspired by beauty and strive constantly to capture it. Although the quest to be beautiful could easily be misconstrued as vanity, I believe that expression of one's truest essence is a very uplifting and positive experience. There's something delightful about discovering a beautiful dress or handbag in the store and making it your own by wearing it. I created Stylematic to provide users with a fun, supportive environment for seeking fashion advice and expressing their personal style. 
TOT: What sets Stylematic apart from other apps currently?
KS: Our fashion app provides very personalized assistance to fashion lovers out and about. I think of it as a best friend that knows who you are, what you like, what you've shopped for, and what you are searching for. Users bookmark their preferences by snapping pictures or bar code scanning items, and we deliver increasingly personalized style recommendations over time. While most fashion apps provide a platform for users to express their preferences in highly aspirational ways, very few behave as a practical one-stop shop for users to browse and seek live style advice in a direct way.
TOT: What inspires you day in and day out?
KS: I love bringing out the best in others- whether that be my team, the designers and retailers we talk to, or the people who use our app. Enabling people to be at their best and to express themselves fully excites me and enables me to embrace who I really am in turn.
TOT: How would you describe your personal style?
KS: My personal style is eclectic and international - I travel often and enjoy collecting bits and pieces to style into one cohesive whole. 
TOT: Favorite fashion trend currently?
KS: I'm digging the curved heels. I also appreciate the infusion of luxurious minimalism and pink this spring!

$5 Flyer (Back)

On Tuesday, February 18th Stylematic will have their own launch party in SF and hell, I want you to come! For more info check out the Facebook event & if you download the Stylematic app, you get 5$ off at the door!

Until tomorrow!