Weekend Snapshots

Cherry Blossoms be bloomin' Early weekend brunch with Andi & Sav.

A few weekend takeaways!

San Francisco, you so purdy.

Green smoothie at Jane? YOU KNOW IT.

Weekday visit from a new fave -- Reggie!

Brothaz n' sistaz. Not literally, but figuratively.



Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday! How's it going? And just what I needed, this weekend was nothin' but easy living. I forgot how good it is to sometimes stay in and not force myself to go out (aka - passing out on a Friday at 11 p.m. No shame!). My weekend was spent making dinners at home with Andi, catching up with old friends, lounging at Fort Mason with new ones, and celebrating a few birthday's (Happy Birthday Tristan & Britney!)

So ready to take this week by the horns. What do y'all have in store?

Until tomorrow!