Fortune Favors The Brave

Skirt: H&M | Sweatshirt: DSF | Jacket: Crossroads Trading | Shoes: Converse | Hat: H&M The most rad of sweatshirts





Hi Everyone!

Happy Wednesday! Hope you guys are having an amazing mid-week celebration! I know now is the time that holiday parties are in full gear so I hope y'all are eating till your heart (or stomach) is content, dancin' your ass off and well, drinking a bur or two. Or several.

I can't seem to shake off this sweatshirt, guys. I grabbed it a few weeks back at DSF in Lower Haight and not only did the quote catch my eye, but it's probably one of the most cozy sweatshirts i've ever tried on. I'm kind of obsessed now and want to purchase everything from their store...and online. Like this "Get Shit Done" t-shirt is one my major wish list for the holidays.

We've been having a cold spurt in San Francisco so stay warm...I obviously didn't as you can tell from my inappropriate dressing above. This girl will just never learn...

Until tomorrow!


Photos by Shikha Kaiwar