Weekend Snapshots

Catching The Head and the Heart at the Fox Theater! SO good! Vayner SF doing the holidays right.

The whole fam doing our yearly tree tradition!

The best damn appetizers you've ever seen.

Outside my door was a mini farm. The best surprise evah.

Snapshot of glorious view from a Sunday run!

C & B on Mulled Wine duty.

The best brunch with the best people.

Snapshot of outfit to come!

Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday! Hope the weekend treated you well! I know mine did. Saw the always amazing The Head and the Heart earlier in the week was a highlight but passing out at 9:30 p.m. on Friday? Don't mind if I do. Saturday and Sunday were filled with spending time with some of my favorite people, a glorious brunch or two, snagging a few of my favorite flowers at the farmer's market and of course, picking a Christmas tree! I can hardly contain my excitement.

What did y'all get into this weekend!?

Until tomorrow!