Oh, You Fancy?

IMG_4113 Photo by Shika Kaiwar

Pre hur done. JAZZED!


Are you terrified yet? Well, you should be.


Look at dem roots. Beautiful!

Love Tifani. She's a godsend.

Hi Everyone!

Happy Thursday! Hope ya'll are doing well! So, remember awhile back when I celebrated Ketér Salon's second opening in Berkeley? Well...I went back and i'm damn glad I did. I mean, did you guys see my hair? It was a "natural" ombre as I fondly call it. And well, it didn't look great.

That being said, I was a bit terrified as i've had some interesting experiences here in San Francisco. Luckily, I had nothing to worry about when meeting Tifani - a kickass stylist who specializes in color. HALLELUJAH! 

She helped me go from haggard (it's true, ladies & gents) to absolutely fabulous. I walked out feeling like a brand new lady. And trust me, that's always a great feeling.

Also, Tifani shared with me that for a limited time, Ketér is offering TLT readers a holiday special! Until December 31st, a haircut will be $40 (normally $50) or you can receive a free haircut with color services!

Trust me, guys. You'll be damn glad you did.

For more information on Ketér Salon, check out their website and Tifani's Facebook!

Until tomorrow!