All That Glitters



Hi Everyone!

Happy Friday! I hope you're having an amazing morning! I recently grabbed a sequin skirt and like always, I want to wear it not only during the evening, but during the day too!

I often find it easy to dress down, but sequins...sequins are tricky. Either they scream New Years Eve or just look like they're trying too hard. To dress the sequin look WAY down, pairing it with a cozy sweatshirt is a nice compromise in my eyes.

Add my all-time favorite Chuck Taylor's in crisp white to offset the navy and add a grey bag that can fit your life. Sounds like a pretty damn good compromise.

What are ya'll getting into this weekend? I scored a free ticket to see Portugal. The Man at the San Francisco Exploratorium and I literally can't wait! First time at the Exploratorium and second time seeing Portugal.The Man this year! Huzzah!

Until Monday!