Sweater: H&M via Crossroads Trading | Jeans: Current/Elliot via Crossroads Trading | Shoes: Carlos Santana | Purse: Coach | Necklace: H&M | Hat: Sidewalk sale IMG_4769




Hi Everyone!

Happy Tuesday! You guys know I love a bargain. Alas, over the weekend I ventured over to Crossroads Trading on Fillmore and dig some hardcore snooping. Earlier over brunch, I was telling my friends that I had a problem giving clothing away. It's emotional, you know? Even throwing away those awkward pair of trousers from four years ago that I wore once makes me tense up and ridden with anxiety. IT'S AN EMOTIONAL CONNECTION, OKAY?

Anyway, I had a similar emotional connection over these jeans. Current/Elliot for $27? Ripped up, baggy and makes me look like a mom? SO INTO IT. Add a chunky knit sweater from H&M (still semi convinced it looks like I have a third book in there) and of course, my trusty Indiana Jones hat and it's a solid look. Oh, and that Coach bag? It's my mom's...from the 70's!

Another note that I just want to end with is a little tidbit of knowledge that was given to me for this week. Wildly accurate and pretty great reminder. "Little victories is the backbone of happiness."

Perfect, eh?

Until tomorrow!


Photos by Scott Wisner