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Hi Everyone!

Happy Thursday! I hope ya'll are having a killah day! As i'm at LuckyFABB, i'm surrounded by fellow bloggers with amazing style and even more amazing attitudes. For this reason, I wanted to highlight a specific blogger who inspires me day in and day out -- Lauren from The Pear Shape.

While i've only briefly met Lauren (in-person once thanks to Lydia!), I was impressed by her attitude and I mean...come on, look at the photos! She has awesome style.

The reason why I love Lauren's blog is not because she's pear shaped, it's because she embraces her body (no matter what the size) and empowers women (and fellow readers!) to do the same - whether boyish, apple, pear, hourglass, etc. It's kind of amazing the impact of her words, her can-do attitude and her well, "I don't give an F" attitude when it comes to body perception.

Annnnnd, as always, something near and dear to my heart is that this girl has humor. I mean, honestly. Have you checked out her Twitter? Any girl who tweets "Indian food takeout is always a good idea" and "Blogger problems: when you are wearing a cute outfit to work, and don't have anyone to snap an #ootd" makes me smile.

For more on Lauren, check out her Twitter and Instagram for more snapshots & updates!

Until tomorrow!