Weekend Snapshots

Andi, Hope and I celebrating the Fall Fashion Issue from 7x7 Magazine. Sorry, guys. I just had to snap this.

We went paddle boarding and didn't fall off!

My two lovely ladies - Sam & Emily.

A couple of crazies in Austin.

Made out with a dog named Merlin. Are you surprised?

Postcards at Stag.

Keepin' cool with sunnies, beer and a killer bag.

This also happened during my visit.

Dipping my toes at Hotel San Jose.






Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Currently, i'm sitting in the airport in Austin and thinking about how kick ass this weekend was. After a crazy long delay on Friday, I finally got into Austin late that evening and reunited with my very best friends Emily and Sam.

I keep thinking about this Oscar Wilde quote that I feel really resonates, especially after this weekend. "To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all." Being reunited with old friends and experiencing new adventures and places is one of the things that brings me most joy. Whether it's having a beer and dipping your toes in the pool at Hotel San Jose, paddle boarding at Lady Bird Lake or goofing off on a Saturday night. I not only want to live, but live in the moment. Here and now.

Always something to work on! Anyway, off to start my new job tomorrow so if i'm light on posting within the next few weeks, you understand why!

Until tomorrow!