Weekend Snapshots

Weekend uniform. Denim and fun floral pants. A little pit stop to Thomas Fogarty Winery this weekend.

Huzzah! A San Francisco Summer! Finally.

Honestly, one of the best things about San Francisco. An unexpected movie in the park. Moonrise Kingdom, of course.

Brunch at the infamous Mama's in North Beach. Cups on cups of coffee.

Ran a 5k with the Kaitlyn and Brian! Apologies for looking like a rat. :)

This was before the race.

Making new friends in the Park with Lucas.

Finally tried out La Urbana! Margarita & ceviche -- delicious!


Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday! Hope ya'll had  a relaxing weekend! The past few days have been an absolute blast from making an impromptu trip down to Woodside with a wine tasting visit at Thomas Fogarty Winery, trying out La Urbana for the first time (highly recommended!), the first ever Richmond Jog in the Fog and a movie in Washington Square Park.

Looking forward to going to Austin in a few days! The countdown starts now!

Until tomorrow!